Carrie Hoffman on building a Beyoncé-worthy jewelry brand

Carrie Hoffman Jewelry

Carrie Hoffman, Owner, Carrie Hoffman Jewelry

Los Angeles

Interview by Kelsey Zahn

There's something to be said for individuals who are determined. Especially when those individuals decide to break free from the ‘norm’ of corporate company life in order to strike out on their own and create something for themselves. 

Carrie Hoffman is one such individual. She has channeled her love of metal work and passion for art and culture into a uniquely beautiful jewelry line. However, she initially started off by training with a metalsmith in Chicago IL, before refining her work by studying one-on-one with a specialist in Santa Monica, CA. 

Carrie launched her first collection in 2012 and has been going strong ever since; with the likes of Queen B, yes that’s right, Beyoncé, sporting her amazing pieces. All that being said, we think that ‘breaking free’ was absolutely the right move on Carrie’s part. Here she is to tell you more:


Let’s start off by having you tell us who you are and a bit about what you do.

I am always ten minutes late, I'm a minimalist trapped in a hoarder's body, animal, vintage and asian-food lover, and a sculptor on a very small scale —hence a jeweler. 

You reach a point where you just have to take the leap and share your own ideas.

What led you to start your own line? 

My entire career path of internships have taken me to this point. After working for other jewelers, and having learned so much, you reach a point where you just have to take the leap and share your own ideas. It’s a risk, though terrifying, that so far has been incredibly rewarding. 

What was the process of getting the pieces ‘out there’ and into retailers hands? 

It's all a work in progress right now, but initially for me, my personal relationships with stylists and hair and make up artists have really helped get my jewelry out there, otherwise CHJ exposure has been pretty organic. 

What advice were you given? And now, having learned over time, what advice would you give to someone just starting out in the Jewelry industry?

Get a bookkeeper was some of the best advice I've received. As for my advice I would share with someone...I would say take classes and learn how to actually make jewelry. You have greater understanding of craftsmanship and the time and energy it really takes to create. 


Who is the woman that you design for? 

It's a mix of several women. I would say Tilda Swinton/Rooney Mara/Beyonce---which is a strange combination but essentially I design for the woman who is confident, individualistic, an artist and trailblazer. 

Do you have a favorite career moment thus far? Perhaps seeing Beyonce in your amazing TBAR necklace in her ‘Drunk in Love’ music video? 

Oh yeah. That's it. I mean, I didn't sleep that night. And it still gives me chills. It's true. I didn't sleep. 

I’m a huge consumer of printed materials, ie: magazines and books — where I can feel and smell the pages.

What keeps you motivated? 

That it's all just the beginning and I have more to say. I'm motivated by art, music, architecture, fashion. I'm a huge consumer of printed materials, ie: magazines and books — where I can feel and smell the pages.  

Do you have a muse? 

My future self. 

Favorite thing to do in your down time? 

Cook, and of course, eat. Read. Spend time with Johnny Cash (dog). Hang with friends, explore and vintage shopping. 

And finally, my favorite thing to ask, what is a little life luxury you couldn’t live without? 

Maldon sea salt. 

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