How to take a great photo with London based photographers Fox and Favour

Miles and Philippa Langley, Fox and Favour


Interview by Laura Piety

A Rverie Conversation with Miles and Philippa Langley, a Kiwi and a Brit, who together, make up the creative video and photo outfit Fox and Favour.  

What made you decide to work in video and photography and how did you hone your skills?

Both of us have always loved images. Miles' background is in design and Philippa's in the film industry so it was a natural progression to find ourselves in this industry. We kept hold of the skills we had already developed and used them to fuel, inform and influence our work, but it was through doing that we could better our skills. Whether it was through personal projects of getting onboard jobs out there.

Talk about two of your favorite projects.

We created a short film for Bobbin Bicycles, around the 'experience' of riding one of their bikes. To start with, we love bikes and the filming itself incorporated beautiful light and music. Also things we love. 

We are also lucky enough to be part of the Kinfolk community. It's encouraging to gather and create with interesting and talented people who each bring their skill and passion to projects.

What top tips would you give to people who want to hone their creative and photographic skills? 

Surround yourself with things you find beautiful and inspire you...then go out and shoot. And keep shooting. Just doing it is the key to improving. 

Always challenge yourself to make your next piece of work better. We also love collaborations and believe it's hugely valuable learning from others in different creative fields.

Always challenge yourself to make your next piece of work better.

Talk to us about the technical and creative elements for setting up the best shot.

Plenty of natural light is ideal or subtle lighting if necessary. Location is important, we're always scouting even when unintentionally. We are a big fan of test shoots, the more technically prepared you are the more you can focus on the creative aspects on the day.

What is it like working with your husband/ wife? How do you differentiate work and life together?

We feel pretty lucky that we get to share what we are most passionate about through our work together. Knowing where our strengths lie and how we can complement each other with these, and learning when we just need to put on our headphones and get in the zone on our own for a few hours. 

We try and stay disciplined in keeping a work day, work focused, although the occasional coffee meeting is pretty key and often we do find ourselves working into the night when we really should be on the couch in front of the television- we're working on it.

Miles, you’re originally from NZ, a country that appears to be a hotbed of creative talent. What unique skills/ way of looking at the world did you cultivate by growing up there?

It's true, New Zealand has an incredible creative scene. Design-language is understood by the general culture and value is put on branding, design and photography in every aspect of the business down there. 

Because of the small size most creative people work across a number of disciplines because there's simply the necessity to do so. 

What is special about coffee?

We truly love coffee. But it's the culture surrounding it that we most love. Spending time with each other in many of our favourite cafés is what led us to start our Coffee Guide. London is far from the outdoors so a nice café provides a little haven from busy life. Plus the best meetings happen over coffee.

We always go with a rough plan, but getting lost is part of the adventure.

Why do you love to travel?

Traveling to us is about making new discoveries, getting a good dose of fresh air and fresh inspiration from the natural beauty we get to see and experience. Our favourite type of travel is with a camera in hand.

We always go with a rough plan, but getting lost is part of the adventure.

Other creative people you admire?

We love the work of magazines like KinfolkCereal and talented people like Juniper & LilyMaterial Creative, Jewellery from Another Feather and the beautiful books and products from Artifact Uprising.


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Images courtesy of Fox and Favour