We believe in the power of story.

Rverie (pronounced reverie) is a story platform… stories of pursued dreams, good work and creativity. A powerful story sparks imagination and captures hearts. It inspires people to create and make. It brings people together and builds bridges. It’s a tool for entertainment, enjoyment, education, intelligent conversation and shared experiences. Ultimately, story has a unique and unrivalled power to stir you to action. Action on behalf of yourself, and others.

At Rverie we tell the stories of people, products and ideas that improve the human condition. We celebrate talent, creativity, style, innovation, design, good business and compassion. We document the culture shapers, tastemakers and brands using their skills and talents to make the world a better place.


We believe that less is more.

There’s a lot of noise out there. From cheap gossip to unnecessary content, listicles upon… distractions, there’s just stuff all around us, especially on the web. Here at Rverie, we hope to artfully and intelligently illustrate our guide to life through people's stories. Our simple aim is to inspire you, our audience, to explore creativity and the world around you, tap into entrepreneurship, be rooted in what you love, and build great community. It’s more about being open to the stories, skills and ideas of yourself and others, appreciative of unequivocally good work, and wise to the beauty of clear, simple presentation.

And so, to tag on to that, we only publish our Rverie 'Weekend Digest'. You don’t need an email clogging up your inbox everyday announcing buckets of new content. You don’t need to worry about missing posts here, there and everywhere. Less has always been more. We’ll only send a newsletter a handful of times a month and only publish content in time for the weekend, that you can read at your own leisure. Interviews are perfect read for a lazy Sunday morning in bed, or slow muse over brunch. We believe that there’s something special about sitting down to peruse an article in that special window of quiet, outside of the noise of work life.